My Way Back to Krakow And Exploring the Countryside.

If you follow my posts you certainly know I used to live in Krakow for a few years when I was a kid. But never did I have the opportunity to visit other places around the city. After many years I managed to come back to this Royal City and take a few tours to the charming suburbs and near villages.

Though in general my travel equals hitchhiking, this time I had to book an organised tour. The reason was simple – Poles are kinda distrustful. I’m not staying it is bad… but well, it would take too long to catch a lift to Krakow so we would be forced to give up many places around the city that we had planned to visit if we decided hitchhiking.

When we got to Krakow we were very tired as it was around 11 pm and had to find our hotel somewhere in the city. Happily, we found out that it was just in the city center, next to the main station. We entered the Main Square and were totally amazed – it was full of people who were talking, laughing and seemed like they’d just started their evening. We stayed there for a beer and in the end we ended up around 4 am in our hotel – what a crazy night.

Next day, after a long sleep, we started to visit Krakow concerning its best monuments. Wawel castle, that is located just in the center, made really big impression on me – so much important history in one complex of buildings. What’s more, in one of the building there was so-called “heart of Zygmunt”. It’s 500 – years old bell and is’t the largest among the 5 bells hanging in the Sigismund Tower. We had to take a llllot of steps to get to the bell, but it was worth it!

After Wawel Castle we went to the Cloth Halls Museum. It is located in the middle of the Main Square but underground! I can admit that it was one of the best museums I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a multimedia journey to the XIII-th century – Krakow created in the underground that was discovered only in 2001.

What I noticed about Krakow is that it mixes modernity with a rich history. For example, medieval Wawel Castle stands right across from Mangha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology. 

Manggha Museum in Krakow

Beautiful surroundings of Krakow

Anyway, though I love the city of Krakow and consider it one of the most beautiful places in whole Europe, I really wanted to see something more. Many times I heard about Ojcow National Park, the Salt Mine in Wieliczka or Zakopane… Finally, I decided to see it all. First I took a tour from Krakow to Salt-Mine and I am sure I will never forget it. That was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! Everything, really everything was of salt! We had to take 800 steps and 20 amazing chambers, including treasury and chapels. The place is a real crown jewel and i you haven’t been there yet, you just must do this! I chose to go there with a private tour from Krakow with KrakowDirect company. It was very comfortable and quick ride with a professional driver.  

 I have visited Ojcow National Park as well. For a long time I haven’t been so close to the nature… All the rocks, hills, rivers, forests… all these makes you wanna never come bock to the city. Breathtaking views and fresh air – that was what I needed. The whole trip was a great time  and hopefully I will come back to Poland next year.

Ojcow National Park
Ojcow National Park