A Few Words About Me

Hello world! Since you are already on this blog reading my posts let you must be into travelling at least a little bit. Well, I run this blog since 2008, with a few breaks and since the beginning this is all about my journeys around the world!

Yes, I am a keen traveller but I don’t travel like everyones else. I mean, I rarely plan my trips. Most of the tours I do spontaneously. It means I do not buy bus tickets, I rarely book a flight unless I really have a whim to visit some faraway place but I am really lack of time. Then I just buy the last minute ticket and go to the other side of the globe. But in general I travel hitchhiking. I have been travelling like this since I was 17 so it may be said I am a veteran of hitchhiking.

I love it because exploring the world this way you meet a lot of interesting people. Obviously, there may also happen situations kind of dangerous like strange, weird drivers or suspicious characters that seem to follow you when you try to hitch a ride. Well, my only advice is to never hitchhiking on your own unless you are super-strong veteran who knows all possible martial arts.Personally, I sometimes travel with my mates but most often I do it on my own.

Hitching a ride on the outskirts of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Hitching a ride on the outskirts of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

To be true it is much easier to high a lift when you are alone. The more people travelling with you the more difficult to hitch the lift. And in my case, travelling with other people makes the whole trip kinda problematic. This is because I consider travelling by trucks the most comfortable. But if you want to hitch a truck most often there are seat for one passenger only. So, drivers usually are ready to take only one person. What with your friend then?

You’re gonna let him or her catch another truck? Or stay for next 6 hours waiting for someone who’s ready to take you both? Anyways, if you are interested in my experiences in hitchhiking follow my posts and I’ll be glad to see your comments below! Enjoy!