My Way Back to Krakow And Exploring the Countryside.

If you follow my posts you certainly know I used to live in Krakow for a few years when I was a kid. But never did I have the opportunity to visit other places around the city. After many years I managed to come back to this Royal City and take a few tours to the charming suburbs and near villages.

Though mostly I go hitchhiking, this time I need to make an organised tours. The reason was simple – Poles are kinda distrustful. I’m no staying it is bad… but well, it would take too long to hitch a lift in Krakow so we would be forced to give up many laces around the city that we had planned to visit if we decided hitchhiking.

Anyways, though I love the city of Krakow and consider it one of the most beautiful places in whole Europe, I really wanted to se something more. Many times I heated about Ojcow National Park, the Salt Mine in Wieliczka or Zakopane… Finally, I decided to see it all. First I took a tour from Krakow to Salt-Mine and I am sure I will never forget it. That was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! Everything, really everything was of salt!

The place is a real crown jewel and i you haven’t been there yet you just must do this! On the other day I visited Zakopane – polish most famous mountain resort. The place is very pretty and what important it has its own specific atmosphere. This seems to be a totally different culture then the whole rest of the country but for sure it is really picturesque and just fabulous place. I have visited Ojcow National Park as well. For a long time I haven’t been so close to the nature… All the rocks, hills, rivers, forests… all these makes you wanna never come bock to the city.

Breathtaking views and fresh air – that was what I needed. Our nest stop was going to be Prague in Czech Republic. Obviously we went there hitchhiking. It wasn’t easy, because as you know, it’s kinda hard to hitch a ride in Poland but after a few hours waiting on some petrol station we’ve managed to hitch a lift by a truck driver by some super-funny driver. The whole trip was a great time  and hopefully I will come back to Poland next year.

Ojcow National Park
Ojcow National Park